Tax Accountant Serving Durham, NC

The city of Durham, NC is a place where a lot of people and business owners have decided to plant their roots. Just within the city limits, there are over 31,000 companies listed. Whether these businesses are big corporations, chains, small businesses, or home-based, they still have to follow the same tax and accounting guidelines that are set. Sometimes, especially if you own a smaller business, the accounting aspects can be extremely confusing. In some cases, making mistakes on your accounting-related paperwork can be detrimental and illegal. In order to ensure all of your paperwork is being filed correctly, enlist the help of the business and tax accountants with Gundersdorff & Co!

Tax Preparation

Do you need help preparing your taxes? If so, let the tax preparers at Gundersdorff & Co. help. Our tax preparers are experienced and knowledgeable in all things relating to your taxes. We can calculate, file, and sign income tax returns on your behalf. We can also assist you in the IRS examination of your tax return. Whether you need help gathering information to begin filing your taxes or filling your tax forms out, we are here for you. Hiring our tax preparers will significantly decrease the likelihood of a mistake being made while filing your taxes. When you need help with your tax preparation, call our tax preparers to assist you.

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Our business and tax accountants have years of knowledge and experience working with a plethora of businesses in the Durham, NC area. From payroll services to tax preparation, we can help you in whatever capacity you need us. If you own a smaller company, most of your focus should be on providing the best for your customers. In order for you to put your energies where they are needed the most, trust our expert business and tax accountants to do the math and the behind-the-scenes work for you! Our job is to take over the accounting aspects so you can focus on making your business the very best it can be. For more information about any of our services, give our business and tax accountant a call today!